Luxury chauffeur driven cars for you, your company, or your loved ones. We go that extra mile! Unparalleled levels of service for a surprisingly affordable price. The finest selection of vehicles – coupled with the best chauffeurs in the business – make Executive your ultimate, luxury travel solution. It is important to realize that we go that extra mile - to stand out in the competition and transcend to the highest standards. The key is providing more customized experiences to the passengers than being generic. We are developing the brand to a scale where it is going to be speak-up for itself by building an ever-expanding loyal niche market. This is why we focus on the tiny little details.

The assurance we provide

We are the only high-end transportation provider in the market which use our very own vehicles. Entire fleet of vehicles is consisting of luxury cars/ vans and SUVs owned by Executive Premium Transports. We know our vehicles very well as well as we know our chauffeurs very well.

Representing Client’s Brand

Appearance do matter because we do represent the client’s brand and in most cases our chauffeurs are the first to welcome guests representing a company. We are the exclusive service provider in the luxury taxi industry to have five fleet officers just to ensure that the chauffeurs are well groomed, vehicles are well maintained and remain in good condition throughout the day when in operation. No matter whether it is a rainy day or the environment is dusty, our chauffeurs are well trained to look after the vehicles and take the necessary actions promptly.

Moving forward with new technology

There should be an Invoicing System which give no surprises at the end of the road. A strong and updated taxi reservation system is an absolute necessity. Our custom- built taxi reservation system with the latest available technology is in a secured platform and is totally secured from all kind of cyber-attacks. We will be working closely with the managements, managing the finances to ensure that the billing process all happens without a hazzle. We provide invoicing tailored to company’s requirements, which can include: Breakdown of income per day/ shift and much more customized features. We do have the latest Global Positioning Systems (GPS) available in the market combined with artificial intelligence & big data analytic technologies with highly customizable report capabilities allocated to each individual vehicle to ensure a smooth operation is in place. We have our dedicated staff located at the Head Office specially allocated to monitor each and every movement daily to ensure all the moments are rightly in-order.

Ability to speak to a team member 24x7

In addition to the travel counter personnel who are available on-site throughout the day, we have well experienced Front-Line Officers and Operations Managers who are available 24x7 a phone call away for any surge of requirement.

All the vehicles in the fleet are ETC registered

Even while using an expressway the traffic congestion can play its part at the toll counters. We identified this requirement and have registered each and every vehicle under Electronic Toll Collection so the congestion at the toll counters can be eliminated. We use expressway for both ways while doing an Airport Transfer thus reduce the commuting time drastically.


Our fleet vehicles are at all times fully insured and that such comprehensive insurance cover includes a third-party cover extending to the passengers.

Using licensed chauffeurs for outstation tours and excursions

All our chauffeurs are well conversed in English and they are always well groomed and wear a shirt and tie along with a name badge and company ID. Amongst we select and give priority to licensed chauffeurs while doing a round tour or an excursion to provide an outstanding service to the client.

Company maintained vehicles

Our luxury fleet is entirely consisting of Mercedes Benz and Volvos. All the vehicle maintenances are carried out by the respective authorized dealers (Namely DIMO and Swedish Trading Company) in Sri Lanka and hence it comes with the company warranty.

Ultimate confidentiality

All our chauffeurs are licensed professionals, who have signed confidentiality agreements to help keep client’s company secrets, safe and secure. Passengers always should be able to relax, and make them feel that they’re in good hands.

Careful Planning

Bookings are always double checked by one of experienced operators. Using a combination of IT tools and years of experience, clients are given realistic journey times, allowing for unexpected delays or changes of itinerary.

Instant Quotations

We do provide immediate quotations from simple airport quotations to complex multi-vehicle/ multi-location itineraries.

  • Providing an extremely personal service
  • Ability to book multiple cars
  • Travel Manager

A part of the customized experience. Clients deal directly with a dedicated corporate travel coordinator who will manage their bookings from start to finish.

Being a solution to a problem

without making more and more troubles to the management. Our service is much more than a rental car or an app service.

The Sri Lankan Standard Since Mid-2019 The Executive Story

Executive has developed over the last 3 three years into one of the finest luxury chauffeur-driven companies in the island, and has become a name synonymous within the industry for professionalism, refinement and luxury. Started from the scratch and with a handful of exclusive clientele, after the devastating Easter bombings, we have shown a rapid growth in the industry to become a trendsetter and today there are over 70 professional chauffeurs employed directly under our payroll who drive some of the most important and influential people who visit Sri Lanka. Our founding principles of quality, authenticity and innovation are still of the utmost importance today. Our aim is, and always was, to redefine luxury travel.

Our Clients

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise. Our clients are the life-source of our business. We believe that integrity in client dealings is an undisputable prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting client objectives. ​​Below are few of most prestigious and renowned institutions in the country which chosen Executive as their Official Travel Counter Partner to represent their brand name on day-to-day travel requirements and for their most important VIP/ CIP movements.

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